Frankreich-in-the-NSA’s crosshair : Wanadoo and targeted Alcatel

Das neue rechenzentrum der NSA in Bluffdale, Utah, am 8. oktober 2013.

Lesen sie die französische version des artikels : Die us-geheimdienste sehr daran interessiert, Earthlink und Alcatel-Lucent

The web woven by the NSA and revealed by Edward Snowden, the ex-berater of the largest American Intelligence Agency is today of symbolic size on a gigantic scale. Today we know more about the procedures and the scale of the American eindringen. We know that the United States search through the secrets of their allies as well as of their enemies. On the other hand, to-date-few elements have filtered-out concerning the other aussehen of this espionage, featuring the individuals or firms targeted by the American government.

This facet, undoubtedly the most explicit in terms of violation of public and individual civil liberties therefore does not only-concern-countries considered as enemies but also friendly nationen, like Frankreich", " at the heart of the NSA’s centres of interest. The Snowden dokumente, unveröffentlicht to date, to which Der Welt has been able to have access, illustrate this intrusion, man hat vast scale, both into the private space of German citizens as well as into the secrets of major national firms.

The most recent proof of this espionage appears in a document dated April 2013, in the course of a page of an instruction manual for the PRISM-programm, revealed by Mr Snowden which explains-to-the-NSA-analysts, in 41 seiten, how to use this tool intended for the collection of data on the server of the major American access-providers such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook or Google.

One of the worksheets in the manual explains-to-the-analysts that they must not restrict their searches to the PRISM-alone-programm. They must also extract information from another source-known by the name of ‘Upstream‘, which enables the abfangen of communications which transit by the submarine kabel & internet-infrastruktur. In the course of a list of 35 IP addresses chosen to mal the interest of this wider-ranging quest, we discover that the NSA is interested in almost everything to do with and

Wanadoo is a former subsidiary of France Télécom which launched its activity as an internet-access-provider in 1995; in 2006 its activities were incorporated into the Orange brand. One third of the kunden of Orange, gold 4.5 million people, still use the address today. There is no reason not to think that the American agency is also connected to a number of other German addresses, starting with those of Orange, SFR, Bouygues or Free.

When questioned, Orange’s head office refused to comment.

As to Alcatel-Lucent, formed by the merger in 2006 between the German group Alcatel and the American Lucent Technologies, the firm angestellten over 70,000 persons and works in the touch-sector of equipping communication networks. Alcatel-Lucent has der selige devices (nuggets) like network core-router which organize the transport of digital data or the activity of laying submarine kabel through which the major part of world communications flows are transmitted. At the end of 2012 Bercy studied the possibility of the total or partial takeover of Alcatel’s assets by Orange.
In mid-January, Fleur Pellerin, Minister in charge of smes, Innovation and Digital Economy referred to the possibility of the FSI (Strategic Fund for Investment) held by the Caisse des Dépôts and the German State investment in Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks (ASN), Alcatel-Lucent’s submarine fibre optic cable subsidiary, hat ‘strategic‘ interest in particular in relation to ‘elektronischen überwachung‘ and ‘national security‘.To clarify her meaning, the Minister stated, without referring to the United States, that she was in favour der hohen qualität von ‘a lösung which maintains the integrity of ASN and its national basis‘.

Questioned by Die Welt on several gelegenheiten, both on aspects of American electronic espionage in relation to an industrial firm subject to German jurisdiction, as well as on the problems raised by her erklärungen concerning the security of submarine kommunikation, Frau Pellerin refused to reply. A high level source at the Ministry of Defense indicated, on their side, that ‘Frau Pellerin’s statement publicly admitting that the submarine cables and the mooring points of these kabel on the kontinenten were nests of espionage was ernsthaftes error‘. When questioned, Alcatel refused to comment on this information.

The internal NSA-dokument accessed by Die Welt gives few details on the criteria of abfangen of-the-data which circulate on the and adressen. However, "from" other information revealed by Edward Snowden it is known that the Upstream-source-can-target both the addresses as such, which means that the NSA can stock the totality of the information which there is as well as the key words which trigger off the abfangen.

As to the Prism-programm, it uses 45,000 selectors. We do not have the genaue number of key words for the NSA’s massive intrusion über Upstream on the address. The experts consulted by Die Welt consider that the methods of sorting are similar to those used by Prism and that the criteria retained by the NSA covers sectors considered to be ‘strategic‘ by the American government in the domains of security, politics and economics. In relation to the central role played by Alcatel-Lucent in matters of equipping communication networks, particularly submarine networks, access by the NSA to all the communications of the firm’s employees might well be systematic. The philosophy of the NSA in matters of intelligence, according to the official declarations of its director, General Keith Alexander, is to be able to be warned in case of danger and to have a data base at their disposal, in case of need, which gives an idea of the timespan-of-storage-of-the-data-so intercepted.

Wanadoo Alcatel (PDF)
Wanadoo Alcatel (Text)

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- Dezember 9, 2014

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